Partners & Afilliates

Supporting other small, local businesses is something that is extremely important to us. Especially now that we are in the midst of a pandemic & small businesses are unfortunately starting to close all around us. We pride ourselves in partnering with like minded small businesses who's primary focus is the health & wellness of their clients. 

Ideal weight loss center

Located directly above Jordyn Warren Esthetics. Heidi from Ideal Weight Loss Center offers individualized meal plans & counseling & emphasizes on lifestyle & personal nutrition goals. Because what we eat plays a major roll in the health of our skin, Heidi's services are a great compliment to my Acne Bootcamp clients because many of the foods we eat can be a major trigger for those prone to occasional breakouts & those who suffer from more severe, cystic acne. For acne clients, I recommend Heidi's Anti-Inflammatory meal plan. Her services would also be very beneficial for my laser lipo clients whos goal is to lose weight & eliminate stubborn fat. For clients looking for a program to compliment their laser lipo treatments & give an extra boost toward your weight loss goals- I recommend Heidi's Weight Management Plan.

Heidi has generously offered to give current clients of Jordyn Warren Esthetics 20% off their first meal plan! 

To learn more or schedule your session with Heidi, visit her website at

Monica's Massage

Monica is a licensed massage therapist offering a variety of massages but mainly focuses on deep tissue. She also offers hemp ear coning & cupping! Monica will be offering $10 off to new clients. She is available right inside Jordyn Warren Esthetics & will be taking clients on Sundays only.

To schedule an appointment with Monica, please send her an email at